Wired Up (2015)

Students have explored dis/connections and mis/communications within social, technological and biological systems. Wired Up projects include bacterial communications, virtual communities and sensory interfaces through experimentation in material culture, technological devices, and psychological behaviours.


Future Human (2014)

Students have imagined future worlds and possible human evolutions, in response to current developments in biotechnology, augmented reality, sustainable design and environmental concerns.


Data, Truth & Beauty (2013)

Students explored the integrity and aesthetics of information through investigations into data bending and glitch art, biological experiments with bacterial portraiture, and studies on the perception of beauty and reality.


Inspired by…Images From Science (2012)

Inspired by a collection of stunning imagery from the world of science, students created interdisciplinary works exploring the creative possibilities of imaging technologies to aid our understanding or the world around us.


The Art & Science of Looking (2011)

Microscopy and imaging technologies were utilised to explore themes of scale and abstraction, seeking and analysing, science and art. Students with open eyes and open minds took the laboratory into the studio and the studio into the laboratory.