Project Development – Wired Up laboratory experiments

Work in progress… 6th March 2015


Projects are underway and starting to build up momentum for the residency at Arebyte at the end of the month. Today I was working in the lab and talked to a few students from the Living Wires group working with photo bacterium, Dinoflagellates and agar.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 17.35.14 Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 17.35.34

Photo Credits: Riccardo Branca 


One student in particular Lucile Schardt (Contemporary Media Practice) was looking at the experiments she had done the day before, testing materials, linen and cotton in agar, photographs and pieces of camera film to see what reaction the plates would have.




The most impressive results were with the camera film as they made some interesting patterns. She is now going to experiment with already developed film to see what results will turn up. Lucile is also planning on working with 3Doodled structures in agar to see what sculptural techniques will develop.


This effect in particular was an interesting result and something Lucile is going to experiment with more.

More exciting insights to the projects to come next week.

– Mellissa Fisher, Broad Vision Teaching Assistant