Future Human (2014)

  • Colouring decellularised meat

Future Human (2014)

Responding to the theme of ‘Future Human’ students have imagined worlds to come and potential human evolutions. Looking to current developments in biotechnology, augmented reality, sustainable design and environmental concerns as inspiration, projects have played with the possible, the probable and the implausible through the development of interdisciplinary artworks, experiments, speculative designs and workshop ideas.

Student inquiry has been driven by future scenarios where humans have evolved to survive a dark earth, where disabilities are seen as abilities, where we create energy rather than consume it, and where the city is beyond recognition.

The resulting works – involving microbiology, decellularisation and programming, design, animation and photography – show what exciting things happen when a group of curious and questioning minds come together to explore alien territories, work with unfamiliar materials, and develop new ways of thinking.

The exhibition at GV art gallery ran 6-28 June 2014, accompanied by a programme of events.


Future Seas (Coral Reef Repopulation)
Wednesday 18 June, 3.30-5.30pm (ideal age 11-14)
Pollution and climate change are disrupting the delicate balance of life in our seas, algae and corals that support many marine creatures are being destroyed. In this creative workshop we will introduce you to a fusion of art and science whilst we experiment with unique ways to ‘grow’ corals. Combining ink techniques and sculpture, you will repopulate a reef, plus live demonstrations of magnetic ferrofluid liquids. Once built, the newly repopulated coral reef will be brought to life using ultra violet light, revealing the fascinating properties that corals exhibit in their natural habitats.

Future Cities (Environment and Technology)
Thursday 19 June, 3.30-5.30pm (ideal age 11-14)
Imagine a city of the future… Will there be smart cars, smart buildings, or will we all be under water? In this workshop we will explore ideas of what cities of the future might become.
Using a variety of materials and techniques you will design and build your own cityscape, which will be displayed in the gallery as part of the Future Human exhibition.

Future Humans (Evolution and Adaptation)
Friday 20 June, 3.30-5.30pm (ideal age 14-16)
What would humans be like if there was no light? If the temperature rose, or we lived underwater, how would we evolve or adapt to our changing environment? Using a combination of arts techniques, including 2D and 3D modelling, storyboarding and stop-frame animation, we will explore possible human evolutions and adaptations in response to future environments.

Future Bodies (Decellularisation)
Saturday 21 June, 1-5pm (adults and 11+)Decellularisation is the process by which organs are degraded, leaving behind only the structural elements of the cell. Decellularised organs can be used to create platforms for organs to transplant. Throughout this workshop, you can meet artists and scientists using this new technique, observe a live decellularisation of a heart, and have a go at making artwork with strips of decellularised bacon, dyes and glitter. Let your imagination run wild with a totally new art medium and learn about this amazing biotechnology technique.

The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch
An evening with Lewis Dartnell
GV art gallery: Thursday 19 June 2014
If the world as we know it ended and the survivors had to start again, how would we set about rebuilding our world from scratch? Lewis Dartnell, author of The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch, will take us on a journey of discovery, a chance for us to reconnect with the basic skills and knowledge that our lives and world depend upon.

Future Human: Symposium
GV art gallery: Thursday 26 June 2014
An evening of interdisciplinary speculations, presentations and discussions about what our futures might hold… brought to you by the Broad Vision team of artists and scientists.

The Broad Vision ‘Future Human’ team are:

Harriet Bailey / Igor Barbosa / Melissa Begue
/ Marvy Bhutto
/ Kelly Biggins
/ Molly Clements
/ Lissa Dalnodar
/ Matilda Dawes
/ Kamran Draeger
/ Robbie Duncan
/ Pongthorn Freeman /
Alia Haggag
/ Paul Housego
/ Thulangana Kasi Ganeshan
/ Georgina Knock
/ Arnoldus Kukulskis
/ Shoshanna Maloney
/ Julia Milchakova
/ Niamh Mulenga
/ Holly Recardo
/ Jonathan Russell
/ William Skelton
/ Malgorzata Stasiewicz
/ Tobin Symmons-Mehmet
/ Marzena Tokarz
/ Christopher Verhauwaert
/ Jed Welland
/ Simon Westgate  [names in bold contributed to the exhibition at GV art and related events]


Elizabeth Allen / Heather Barnett / Dr Mark Clements / Dr Chris Fry / Dr Mark Gardner

Teaching assistants: Mell Fisher / Benjamin Palmer

Project Lead: Heather Barnett