Data, Truth & Beauty (2013)

  • Mood and Memory, a data visualization of depression

 Data, Truth & Beauty (2013)

This year’s theme was ‘Data, Truth & Beauty’, where students explored the integrity and aesthetics of information. Collaborative and interdisciplinary projects included digital investigations into data bending and glitch art; biological experiments with bacterial portraiture and self-illuminating sculpture; psychological studies on the perception of beauty; and creative explorations of the realms of reality.

The works, exhibited at GV art gallery, London in May 2013, demonstrate the results of what happens when a group of curious and questioning minds come together to explore alien territories, work with unfamiliar materials, and develop new ways of thinking. The Broad Vision ethos encourages self-directed learning through the sharing of skills and asking ‘What if.?’

Investigating areas as diverse as microbiology, programming, photography and qualitative research, students collaboratively explored multiple avenues of inquiry, to find collective points of connection across the terrains of art and science.


The Broad Vision ‘Data, Truth & Beauty’ team are:

Avon Bashida
Frederick Bell
Kelvin Chan
Abijah Conquest
Robbie Duncan
Michael Dunn
Kitti Edwards
Sara Farajallah
Mell Fisher
Leilani Franco
Daniel Garside
Joanna Karamanis
Jasmine Kuylenstierna Wrede
Maria Kyprianou
Moacir Lopes
Daniel Meads
Konstantin Mitrokhov
Helena Oliveira
Benjamin Palmer
Joelma Pinheiro Mendes
Michelle-Anne Quevenco
Maria Sheherlis
Elida Sinakoli
Serhan Sokmen
Zuleica Vorcaro
Jennifer Wells
Simon Westgate
Liam Willday
Lilianna Williams


Elizabeth Allen
Heather Barnett
Dr Mark Clements
Dr Chris Fry
Dr Mark Gardner
John Smith

Project Lead: Heather Barnett

Educational research: Dr Silke Lange