Inspired by… Images from Science (2012)

  • Using images to inspire and stimulate discussion

 Inspired by… Images from Science (2012)

Taking a set of scientific images as a starting point for discussion, curious students have been working together to explore these questions over a four-month period. Recruited from diverse areas of photographic arts, imaging science, illustration, psychology and biosciences, forty undergraduate students have been engaged in sharing their specialisms, asking questions and developing project ideas inspired by images from science.

The results of their interdisciplinary enquiry – including the successes, partial successes and the successful failures – are shared with the public through exhibition, publication and presentation. Students with wide eyes and open minds have taken the laboratory into the studio and the studio into the laboratory, stepping out of the comfort of familiar territory into unknown disciplinary processes and modes of thinking. By engaging with different – but related – disciplines students have had opportunities to develop means of sharing, expanding and communicating their subject-specific knowledge in novel and exciting ways.

The Broad Vision project has developed innovative approaches to inquiry based learning across art and science disciplines, which inform future collaborative projects and proposals.


The Broad Vision ‘Inspired by… Images from Science’ team are:

Silvia Berciano Benitez
Elizabeth Cowley
Anand Damodaran
Ramon de Assis Figueiredo
Joshua Dinsmore
Thais Dutra Muller
Sara Farajallah
Mellissa Fisher
Danny Garside
Daniel Higginson
Zara Hoshi Miller Teece
Georgina Knock
Rebecca Krasnik
Jasmine Kuylenstierna Wrede
Maria Kyprianou
Thomas Langley
Chester Long
Moacir Lopes
Alice Mercier
Panikos Michaelides
Lena Mishnekova
Katharina Nylias
Frida Petersson
Jon Roscorla
Monika voychik Lis
Simon Westgate
Jessica Whatmore
Jasmine Willis


Elizabeth Allen
Heather Barnett
Dr Mark Clements
Christine Mccauley
John Smith
Dr Viren Swami

Project Lead: Heather Barnett

Educational research: Dr Silke Lange


With additional input during earlier phases of the project from:
Swati Barnwal / Chantelle Bell / James Bennett / Simon Berry / Jack Carvosso / Caroline Champion / Shona Coke / Brittany Davidson / Imogen Denley / Karin Jonsson / Rasha Jorany / Myrto Kremyda-Vlachou / Samuel Lawrence / Ellen Moore / Fiona Rutherford / Atifa Sanayee / Mohit Santilal / Joseph Warren / Liam Willday

Exhibition design by the Broad Vision team.

Broad Vision documentary photography by Chiara Ceolin, Natalia Janula and Joshua Dinsmore.

Broad Vision is funded by Westminster Exchange Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching Fund and supported by the Schools of Media, Arts and Design; Life Sciences; and Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages.

Special thanks to all at Westminster Exchange, especially Prof Lesley-Jane Earls-Reynolds, Dr Dalene McShane; the Schools of Life Sciences, Professor Jane Lewis, Dr Bob Scott, Suhel Miah, Glen Witherspoon; Media, Arts and Design, Sally Feldman, Andy Golding, Dave Freeman, Jae Park, Silke Lange; and Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages, Professor Hazel Dewart, Dr Mark Gardner.

London Gallery West: Aviva Leeman & Michael Maziere

The exhibition “Images from Science 2” was originally organised by Professor Michael Peres and Professor Andrew Davidhazy of the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. The exhibition tour has been enabled courtesy of a generous grant from the BioCommunications Association.

With special thanks to Paul Crompton of the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. Additional acknowledgments to Mark Turmaine for introducing us to the Electron Microscopy Unit at University College London, and to Daniel Rees and colleagues at the Wellcome Trust Library for a fascinating introduction to their collections.